Welcome to Venue Jobs

Welcome to VenueJobs, the new premier job advertising platform established for the venue industry, by the industry, to meet a growing demand for skilled workers in this specialised sector.

Anyone who employs staff knows what a time consuming process it can be and one potentially fraught with costly consequences if a wrong decision is made.

To significantly mitigate this risk and alleviate the expense of engaging a recruitment agency, VenueJobs, catering to a niche market and attracting a pool of high calibre candidates, will make the task of hiring far more certain with an easy to navigate site, access to multiple social media channels and most competitive packaged rates, inclusive of advertising opportunities to profile your business or organisation.

There is no question that venues contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the nation. Take for a moment the number of events that are regularly staged at the likes of sports stadiums, entertainment arenas and arts precincts, museums, festivals, conference and exhibition centres, racetracks and showgrounds and you start to realise what a sizeable employment sector the venue industry is.

I can't image there would be too many who haven't, at some time, attended an event at one of the multitude of venues around the country and as patrons' expectations for a better experience rises, so too does the need for skilled personnel with industry operational and management expertise.

VenueJobs will not only host job vacancies and manage the recruitment process, but also allow for prospective candidates to post their resumes for employers to peruse. 

As a recruitment tool, VenueJobs markedly improves the ability to engage the right staff, so if you have job vacancies to advertise, click here to find out how your business or organisation can benefit from this new dedicated platform servicing the wider venue industry.

VenueJobs has been designed to elevate employment, career and learning opportunities in the wider venue industry and ensure that the best talent is attracted to the sector.

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